Through being the CTO at my own startup, I am very experienced in Bubble and can count on thousands of hours within the Bubble editor. Feel free to check few of my sample projects yourself and convince yourself.


Few projects to be listed here, but did many more than that. If you are looking for an bubble studio, go visit no-agency.tech.


Very sophisticated webapp. Full-Stack whitelabel tournament platform, allowing for:

  • Team Creation
  • Tournament Creation
  • Whitelabel the whole Plattform
    • Starting from design up to integrating custom videos, SEO tags, CTAs, etc.
  • Matchlobbys with Message- and Video-Chats
  • Etc. (probably 200 more points to mention here)


Platform for sending emails to be sent to your contacts at a point of time you clarify. 

  • Landing page, Logo creation, Login/ Signup, etc.
  • Mobile responsive
  • Database structure
  • Clean UI and UX
  • Easy to use
  • Dashboard, popups, backend workflows
  • Build took 2 days


Platform like reddit where users can add and upvote their favorite hexcode (color code).

  • Vote on user generated content
  • One Pager with Login/ Signup, etc.
  • Project really not to special, took 2 hours or something

By now, I have completed more than a dozen of projects, containing social networks, B2B applications, climate and fintech, crypto and gaming. I keep a strict NDA with all clients, thus, no references are being listed here.

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